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Chemical Injection Specialists

Expansive soils can cause billions of dollars of damage in both the residential and commercial construction industries. The expansive clay found in Texas soil is prone to vertical rise caused by exposure to both excessive rain fall and severe drought.


erad500NSoil have developed a low cost soil stabilization process to eradicate expansive soil characteristics. With our unique high pressure system, we can inject more water and chemical in a shorter space of time. Taking soil remediation to a higher level of success. Whether it be for pool stabilization, home builders, runways, parking lots or highway construction, NSoil will give you a stabile base for your concrete foundations.

Other methods, such as lime stabilization offer a temporary reduction in the level of possible vertical rise (PVR). By focusing on the properties of expansive clay that can cause PVR, NSoil offers a permanent solution rather than a quick fix. All at an affordable price. Making us a leader in the soil stabilization industry.


NSoil is backed by industry professionals who, between them, have over 90 years of experience in earthwork, soil recompaction and stabilization.

The team has the knowledge and expertise to rectify any Texan expansive soil problems east of I35, from San Antonio to Denton.


Mission Statement & Guarantee

NSoil is dedicated to doing the job right, on time and delivering a finished product that meets or exceeds client requirements and GeoTechnical specifications.