Our Solution

Our soil stabilization process involves injecting ERAD 5000 (patent pending) 10-12’ into the soil. The chemical is released in intervals, starting from the bottom of the injection and working its way back to the surface.
This process injects the water & chemical blend at 4X the pressure of other solutions available on the market. Further enhancing the migration of the product, speeding up the injection process. Once injected, the site cures for approximately 72 hours and is then core tested for PVR. After treatment, the average PVR reduction is -1” meeting GeoTech specifications.


- 30” injection rod spacing

- High pressure

- 360 degree dispersion of solution

- Chemical released in intervals from base of injection to surface

- Minimal sub-grade disturbance

Customer Service:

- Quality service delivered by experienced professionals

- Every effort is made to schedule the process to accommodate the client’s needs

Advantages of the NSoil Solution:

- Quicker delivery - one single injection at a higher volume and pressure

- Less down time - up to twice the speed for delivery than other systems on the market

- Larger areas covered in shorter timeframe - Closer inspection rod spacing

- Client orientated - working crews can be available 24/7 to get the job done

NSoil’s solution is efficient, effective and simply the best process available in the industry.

Who Can Benefit:

- Commercial Construction

- Residential home builders

- Highway construction

- Parking lots

- Airport runway construction

- Pool planning & pool construction

- Basements

Environmental Considerations:

NSoil is dedicated to protecting the environment.

ERAD 5000 (patent pending)

EPA approved

- Odorless chemical soil stabilization

- Blended to optimize its ability to eradicate PVR in highly expansive clay


- Our equipment has Tier 3 emissions

- Our equipment has rubber tracks to prevent any street damage


- Every precaution is taken to control excess water run-off

- Silt fencing - prevents damage to adjacent properties and storm sewer systems

- On completion, every site is left clean and tidy

- Our injection process does not harm trees or vegetation